GRANTS WISHES Inc. A 501C(3) non profit

We grant 2nd wishes to kids who relapse with cancer or endure never ending treatments.

2009 Wishes Granted

Braden's Wish
December 19, 2010

Wished for DJ equipment because he loves to produce music. His wish was granted at his home with everything he needed including a turntable, mixer, speakers, stands, cables, and a microphone. Everything was wrapped in his favorite color black and balloons too to make the wish extra special.

Special Thanks to Guitar Center El Toro for making Braden's wish possible

Diana's Wish
December 17, 2009

Wished for a full entertainment and gaming system.We granted her wish with a 50" TV and a surround sound theater system. She was also surprised with a Wii gaming system, some Wii games such as Mario Kart, Shaun White Snowboarding, Wii Sports Resort, & Super Smash Brothers and extra controllers. With the help of her family, everything was wrapped in her favorite color blue and balloons.

A Special Thanks to Best Buy Savi Ranch for making Diana's wish a dream come true.
Sean's Wish
December 14, 2009

Wished for a Numark NS7 digitalDJ hardware that allows for very cool mixing. His wish was granted and we surprised him with a flight case for the NS7 along with all the cables, speakers, stands, and microphone. He already owned a very small DJ mixer, but now that he has the new NS7 he'll be able to mix much more. His wish was graned at his home with the help of his parents. Everything was wrapped in his favorite colors blue and black and balloons too.

A Special Thanks to Best Buy Orange for making Sean's wish come true.

Jami's Wish
December 12, 2009

Wished for a new Macbook to use while he's in college in Colorado. We surprised him with the help of his parents with the newest MacBook, MS Office, and a case to carry it around. He also got a Magic Mouse and some accessories to go along with the new laptop. Everything was wrapped in his favorite color blue and some balloons. In addition, we gave him a printer to print his work in college.

A Special Thanks to Best Buy Yorba Linda for making Jami's wish come true
Homero's Wish
December 10, 2010

Wished for a new Xbox 360 elite and 15 games along with Tony hawk and Guitar Hero system games. His wish was granted along with a 26" TV for his room, and iPod touch, a $50 iTunes gift card, and a portable speaker. He was also surprised with some new clothes and shoes from his favorite store, Zumiez.

A Special Thanks to Best Buy Yorba Linda for making  Homero's wish possible.

Thomaso's Wish
December 8, 2009

Wished for some new electronics to help keep him busy. His wish came true when he was given a new electronic keyboard, a cooking pan for making crepes, some new clothes, an iPod, and device that he could use to spy on his sister. The smile on his face when he got the cooking pan and the spying device was priceless.

A Special Thanks to Best Buy Yorba Linda and The Desert Inn & Suites in Anaheim Resort District for making Thomaso's wish possible
Ashley's Wish
November 24, 2009

Wished to attend a Charger's game and meet her favorite player Luis Castillo. She was surprised with a chance to meet Luis Castillo as well as some of the other players. Ashley also got the privilege of watching the players warm-up before the game. Before the game she wasgiven goodies such as a new dell laptop, a movie of High School Musical, and some games.

A Special Thanks to The San Diego Chargers for making Ashley's wish come true

Cristina's Wish
November 15, 2009

Wished for her and her family to go on a 2 day trip to Disneyland. We took her to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where she was dressed as her favorite princess, Ariel. Cristina turned out to be a fantastic princess. She was also surprised with annual passports to Disneyland for the entire family, a laptop, a digital camera, a Nintendo DS, and a flip video camera.

A Special Thanks to Best Buy Yorba Linda and The Desert Inn & Suites in Anaheim Resort District for making Cristina's wish come true 

Ann Marie's Wish
October 24-27, 2009

Wished for her family to go to Disneyland and ride all the big rides now that she is tall enough.  We surprised her with a goodie basket full of chocolate goodies and princess jewelry, toys and fairy dolls.  She was surprised with the Disney Princess Dresses—Aurora, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella along with the crowns.  The Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique appointment was set for Sunday at 11:00 for the full princess treatment with hair and nails.  She looked like a princess along with her twin sister. 

Thanks to Kelly Corbett, Desert Inn & Suites for making Ann Marie's wish a dream come true  

Kaitlin's Wish
October 19, 2009
Wished to go to a San Diego Chargers Game.  Her wish was granted with a two night stay at the Comfort Inn in Mission Valley San Diego and tickets to the San Diego Chargers game.  We surprised her with the help of her mom and two brothers.  Then we surprised her with a TV, DVD Player and DVD movies along with a camera and IPod.  She enjoyed dinner at Friday's and lunch at Pat & Oscars in Mission Valley.  To top it off she was presented the official jersey of her favorite player Rivers. 

Thank you to San Diego Chargers, Comfort Inn and Suites, Friday's, Pat & Oscars in Mission Valley, Vicky Shepard and Best Buy in Yorba Linda for making Kaitlin's wish come true.

Hassan's Wish
October 11, 2009
Wished for a Mac Book Pro laptop.  His wish was granted along with all the Mac accessories, new games for his PSP and Nintendo, IPod Touch with ITunes card and case. His favorite was by far the laptop which brought a big smile to his face.

Thanks to Best Buy in Yorba Linda for wish support.

Jimmy's Wish
October 7, 2009
 Wished for a flat screen TV and Playstation 3 for his room.  We surprised him with many packages and one very big box.  After he opened the first couple of bags which contained multiple drawing sets and pads, his mother shared with us Jimmy's drawings of late model cars that could have been photos but were drawings, what a talented young man.  Besides the TV & PS3 we surprised him with several games, extra controller along with an IPod. 

Thanks to Best Buy in Yorba Linda for wish support.

Melissa "Melly's" Wish
October 5, 2009
Wished for a shopping spree.  Melly thought she was meeting her Aunt so we surprised her instead.  She shopped at her favorite stores at the Fashion Valley Center in San Diego at Guess, Bebe, Victoria Secret and MAC while being treated extra special by all.  She had a day fit for a celebrity with fabulous treatment at Guess, Bebe, Victoria Secret and the Fashion Valley Center followed by the private MAC makeover and a late fantastic lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  Melly is ready for the runway with many new outfits and makeup.

Thank you to Guess, Bebe, Victoria Secret, Mac, Fashion Valley Center and The Cheesecake Factory for their help in making Melly's wish come true.

Benjamin's Wish
October 3, 2009
Wished for a Playstation 3 and the game Baja 1000.  We surprised him with a new TV for his room along with DVD Movies, IPod and a new queen size bed with all the linens and accessories. 

Thanks to Custom Comfort and Best Buy for helping make this wish come true.

Ernesto's Wish
August 27, 2009
Ernesto wished for an electronics ‘shopping spree’ which included a 47” plasma TV, games for his wii and xbox 360, some bionicles and a laptop computer.  Wish granters, Lori & Kay, delivered Ernesto’s wish to him at his home with his father, mother, brother and sister in attendance.  Ernesto was taken by surprise as his mother had not let him know we were coming.  Ernesto was thrilled as he opened new games for his Wii and Xbox 360 systems, new bionicle sets, a laptop with mouse and backpack and most especially to unwrap a 47” TV along with a new DVD player and wall mount for his bedroom! 

Thank you Best Buy for your help in making wishes come true.

Roin's Wish
September 28, 2009
Wished for a Mac Book laptop computer to continue with programing , music and video.. 
We surprised him with the software and all the accessories including an ITunes card.

Thanks Best Buy for your help in making wishes come true.

Brenda's Wish
August 27, 2009
Brenda’s wish was to go shopping to buy electronics as well as clothing.  We surprised Brenda by arriving at her home with a stretch limousine provided by Starz Limousine. Joining Brenda were her mother, sister and 3 cousins.   Our first stop was at Mimi’s Restaurant in Tustin, CA where they were greeted and seated in a private dining room.   Brenda was surprised with an ipod (green), a Nintendo DS (also lime green), a digital camera (purple), vans tennis shoes in both green and purple, clothing from Vans as well as American Eagle and a laptop computer with mouse, backpack and printer.  The one thing left was to have her nails polished.  After breakfast was done we loaded them back up in the limousine and headed to Happy Nails Salon for a manicure/pedicure.  All the girls got their nails and toes painted as they wished -  mom and Brenda got the full spa treatment!  At the end of the morning, everyone was refreshed and looking good as they rode back home in Starz limousine.
Thanks to Mimi's Cafe in Tustin, Starz Limousine of Anaheim for making wishes come true.

Thomas' Wish
May 10, 2009

Thomas was granted his wish on Mothers Day and so thrilled with his new IPod Touch that he wished for.   He was even more excited with the new Nintendo DSi system and 9 games.  Then when we thought he couldn't get even more excited he opened his new laptop which was donated by The Giving University.  Then we surprised him with more Disney DVD's, headphones, Wii games like Star Wars with the controller Saber Sword and Tony Hawk clothes including PJ's, shirts, shorts and socks.  We delivered everything in his favorite of orange which is our favorite color too.

Thank you The Giving University and Best Buy for their support in making Thomas' wish come true.

John's Wish
May 23, 2009

John wished for a Mac Book to help him in college to do school work.  With his family we surprised him and granted his wish and much more. He loved everything including a drawing pad that works with the Mac Book, Iworks, IPod, IPod recorder to record lectures, speakers, headphones, Itunes card for music, games and gift cards for the college student for lunch or beverages.

Thanks to Best Buy Yorba Linda for helping us make wishes come true.

Cheyenne's Wish
February 18, 2009

Cheyenne lives out of the county and travels to Orange County almost weekly spending time at the Ronald McDonald House.  This is where with her Mom's help we surprised her with a room full of gifts, balloons, donuts and Drinks given it was first think in the morning.  She was so happy and excited for her wish to be granted with a new laptop, and then surprise with so much more starting with a Wii Game System, Wii Games, Guitar Hero, a 32" TV and DVD player for her room.  Then we surprised her with an IPod, ITunes card so she can download music from her favorite band, Green Day.

Wish made possible with the help of KD's Donuts of Anaheim Hills and Best Buy Yorba Linda.

Melody's Wish
February 22, 2009

Melody was also surprised with the help of her family.  Our Smile Squad volunteers with the help of a Melody's family friend we were able to make her wish come true with an IPhone and the family took care of the contract.  Then the big surprise of a Mac Book with all the software and carrying case. She had also wished for some games and controllers to add to play on her gaming system.

Thanks to Aunt Debbie, AT&T Anaheim Hills and Best Buy Yorba Linda for helping make Melody's wish come true.

Emily's Wish
April 10th  &  May 6, 2009

Emily wished for a room make over & closet organizer.  She was surprised twice, first at our Symphony of Art Event where she picked our artwork for her room.  Then we surprised her with new bedding, curtains and lots of accessories for her room.  Then a month later we surprised her in completing the closet make over and put a finishing touch on her entire room.  Emily had no idea started with demolition of her closet to make room for the new closet organizer and mirrored wardrobe doors.  This was only made possible with the help of The Home Depot Savi Ranch employees who donated their time, expertise and labor.  When Emily arrived home her room was transformed along with her closet and bathroom. She was thrilled and loved her clothes all in her closet by color and style and with the labor donation we were able to get her a designer purse in her favorite color of blue.

Thanks to Best Buy Yorba Linda and The Home Depot Savi Ranch for volunteering and making Emily's wish come true.

Bernardo's Wish
May 8, 2009
Bernardo wished for lots of games for his gaming systems.  We surprised him with every game he wished for and a Nintendo DSi game system and more games for the newest system available.  We also surprised him with clothes and tennis shoes from his favorite stores.

Thanks to Best Buy in Yorba Linda for helping us make wishes come true.

Maria's Wish
January 14, 2009
Wished for a Mac Laptop to help her in college next year as she wants to become an architect some day.  Her wish was granted with Turbo CAD, Bamboo, printer and all accessories.  We surprised her with new puzzles, a Wii system with games and clothes from her favorite store.

Thank you Best Buy Yorba Linda for helping us make wishes come true.

Joshua's Wish
February 15, 2009

Joshua was surprised with the help of his family.  We showed up with a cart full of gifts, gift bags and balloons.   He wished for a big flat screen TV and a mini refrigerator all for his room for a little independence.  Yes his wish was granted with a 42" TV and a mini fridge filled with his favorite grape soda.  He was also surprised with games for his XBox which included Guitar Hero.

Thank you Best Buy Yorba Linda for wish support.

Luis's Wish
April 4, 2009

Luis wished for a laptop but his wish was granted with lots of surprises including remote control cars, PSP game system with a new FIFA soccer game, wrestling figurines and other wrestling items.  He was also surprised with a new twin bed with all the bedding, pillows and accessories along with new clothes and PJ's.

Thank you Best Buy Yorba Linda for helping us make wishes come true.

Ada's Wish
January 23, 2009

Ada wished for a 40" TV with a great sound system so it would feel like your are at the movies.  Her wish was granted with everything including cables, Comedy DVD's, a surround system that included a 5 disk changer.  We also surprised her with a new pink IPod, ITunes Card and IPod docking station along with a printer, ink and paper so she could print out photos of her family.

Thank you Best Buy Yorba Linda for continued help.

Julian's Wish
January 29, 2009

Julian wished for a laptop with internet access.   He was also surprised when he opened the door with to seeing our Smile Squad Volunteers with bags, packages and balloons in hand all for him.  His wish was granted with a laptop and then surprised with a printer, ink and speakers.  Then we surprised him with a new PSP system with games, PS3 games and a jersey from his favorite Mexican Soccer Team - Santos. 

Thanks to Best Buy in Yorba Linda for helping us make wishes come true.

Adilene's Wish
February 13, 2009

Adilene's wish came true with a new laptop, Wii game system with games, a 32" television with a DVD player, an Ipod, suspense and terror DVD's and new clothes.  Given she was in the hospital whe had lots of help from her family and hospital staff that all helped make her wish day extra special.

Thanks to Best Buy Yorba Linda for helping us make wishes come true.