GRANTS WISHES Inc. A 501C(3) non profit

We grant 2nd wishes to kids who relapse with cancer or endure never ending treatments.

2016 Wishes Granted

Sergio's Wish
December 22, 2016

Sergio wished for the hot ticket of the seaon, PlayStation VR so he could feel like he is walking with the heaset, charge station, controller, PSVR camera,7 games and 12 month subscription.  We wish that he can enjoy his family and gifts as he wasn't feeling well the day we went to grant his wish. 

Jim's Wish
November 4, 2016

With the help of family and friends we pulled off a lunch surprise at his favorite restaurant Famous Dave's BBQ.  We granted Jim's wish a laptop for school, printer, ink, MS office  and a backpack. For fun we surprised him with a PlayStation 4 and a12 month subscription for games.  We also surprised him with gift cards to his favorite truck parts store, Desert Rat along with a  back-up light kit, labels for his truck. 

Thank you to Jill & David Kistner for making Jim's wish special with Orange Tire Gauge

Thank you for Famous Dave's for BBQ sauce gift and the awesome sundae

Cindy's Wish
August 10, 2016

Cindy wished for a Temperpedic Mattress.  We granted her wish for a new mattress with all new pillows and bedding in her favorite colors.  We also found pictures and accessories to go with the new bedding.  she is a foodie so we surprised her with gift cards to different restaurants in her area  and also gift cards to her favorite stores to go shopping another day.

Thank you to the Mattress Place on Katella Ave. in Orange for contributing to this wish.

Miguel's Wish
August 30, 2016

Miguel wished for a MacBook Pro with a large amount of memory, we granted his wish with MS Office, Two TB drive and $250 in iTunes to purchase music, movies and more.  He had a fun time openning his girft with all the tissue paper we used to wrap his gifts.

Aileen's Wish
August 12, 2016

We surprised Aileen at Denny's for Breakfast with her family and best friend.  We had lots of gifts for her to open which included clothes, shoes, and Gift Cards to do more shopping.  After breakfast we asked if she had plans? We then asked if she'd like to go to Disneyland?  We surprised her with her favorite character goodies of Lilo & Stitch to go with her new Disneyland pass,  now she can go almost anytime she wishes.  Her sister and best friend went with her to Disneyland.

Thank you to Denny's on Harbor Blvd for hosting our wish family's breakfast.

Tori's Wish
July 3, 2016

Sunday morning and the stores are closed but we have a big surprise instore for Tori.  Tori loves shopping at resale stores so Uptown Cheapskate in Fullerton opened early for Tori to shop the entire store without anyone from the public. We pulled off the surprise with the help of her family.  Tori found lots of new and resale clothes she loved to complete her wish shopping.  JoAnn the owner of Uptown surprised Tori with all the accessories she was wanting, making her wish extra special. We celebrated her birthday with Donuts from Krispy Kreme and a special donut cake made by Kathi.  Tori wished for a MacBook to use for school and a waterproof GoPro to capture fun times.  We granted her wish with both the laptop with MS Office and the Go Pro with and accessory Kit.  She likes Vans so we found a black pair with teal accents which is her favorite color.

Thank you to Uptown Cheapskate Fullerton for their service and donation, making Tori's wish extra special.

Pedro's Wish
July 28, 2016

Pedro wished for a Lenovo Yoga 710 laptop so he could practice his programming skills.  We surprised him with a wireless mouse and a hybrid backpack case to go with it.  More suprises came with Puma EVC power cleats and socks.  Something totally unexpected was a new Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and Playstaton Headphones because of insider information, mom's help.  We asked him what his favorite part of his wish was? He replies " everything".

Christian's Wish
May 3, 2016

Christian wished for a Macbook Pro to use when he starts school and a Playstation 4 for fun and games.  We granted his wish with all the accessories,  MS Office, Madden NFL, MLB and an additional controller for twice the fun.

Subeida's Wish
April 12, 2016

Subieda wished for her dream bedroom.  Her wish included a new nail button tufted wingback headboard and mirrored dresser.  We granted her wish with a new mattress and boxspring to go with her new headboard along with two mirrored small dressers and all new bedding, pillows, pictures, jewelry box, chairs for comfort and lots of decorating accessories.

Franchesca's Wish

Franchesca wished to go to a concert to see the band BAP, who she loved to listen to while undergoing treatment.  We started the surprise at CPK for an early dinner and wish gifts.  Disneyland 3 days, Forever 21, CPK, Amazon and Disney gift cards for her to enjoy and things to look forward to doing.  Then the Limousine came and she realized whe was going to LA to see her favorite band.  We gave her a Zelo jacket and other items to remember the night.  When we got to the Microsoft Theater and she got her tickets she realized she had front row seats and was getting the VIP experience.  She was so excited and happy with her wish.

     Thank you to Secure Transportation for donating their services.

Jessica's Wish
March 9-10, 2016

Jessica wished for a trip to Disneyland with her family and to stay at the Disneyland Resort.  Mom went to great lengths to keep it all a surprise.  We met at BJ's Restaurant for lunch where the surprises began with gifts to open.  Jessica loved her new Kindle Fire and Clothes.  Then it was time for the next surprise at the Grand Californian Resort where they checked in and then went to Disneyland with their 3 day passes.  Jessica was a happy young lady