GRANTS WISHES Inc. A 501C(3) non profit

We grant 2nd wishes to kids who relapse with cancer or endure never ending treatments.

Wishes Granted in 2013
Thank you to the McBeth Foundation Grant

Kassandra's Wish

December 21, 2013
 Kassandra wished for an iPad retina display and Victoria Secret Bedding.  Her wish was granted with the help of SCE.  She was given 3 sets of bedding she wished for along with the body pillows and sheet sets.  Kassandra loves to scrapbook so SCE gathered paper donated by Kelly Paper along with box, cutter, scissors, paper, stickers, markers and scrapbook in purple.  We also surprised her with a new iPad and case along with an iTunes Card and she was thrilled.  She was in the hospital so we surprised her with the help of her Aunt. Everything was in her favorite colors of teal and purple.  She loved her suprise wish.
Thank you to Southern California Edison and Mike & Lori Young (SCE Employee Giving Coordinator)

Alex's Wish

December 21, 2013 & February 17, 2014

Alex wished for a playstation4 , games, and beats headphones.  We granted his wish with the help of others willing to give us their ticket at Best Buy for the new Playstation4.  We granted his wish for a Playstation 4 with Call of Duty Ghost, Beats headphones.  We also surprised him with a laptop, printer, ink and TV with Blu-Ray,  3 DVD’s and a iPad Mini.  We surprised him at the hospital with his brothers there to share in the moment.  He was being released and we arrived before that with all the  gifts.  We later suprised him with his new laptop  and delivered to his home on 2/17/14. We wrapped everything in his favorite color of blue & red.

Matias's (Mathew) Wish

December 19, 2013   
Mathew came home from a doctors visit with his dad to find us occupying his living room.  He was very excited when he realized who we were.  Mathew's wish was for a new XBOX One gaming system and a couple new games to play.  Not only was Mathew surprised with an XBOX One, he received an additional controller so he can play with his brother or father, four new games, and a 32" LED TV.  In addition to these items, we surprised Mathew with a latop computer, Microsoft Office software, backpack, several movies and an Apple iPad Mini.   Mathew and his family were very humble and appreciative for his wish.  They even invited the wish grantors to join them for dinner.

Andrea's Wish
October 30, 2013
Andrea's brother took her to breakfast and we redecorated her room while they were gone.  We surprised her with a new bed with all the bedding, pillows and accessories.  New desk, night stand and dresser with a TV & DVD player were all set up.  When Andrea returned to her new room and more gifts which included a laptop, printer and lots of school supplies to help her with college.  The last surprises included clothes, towels and sandals.  Andrea loved everything. 

Alona's Wish
October 25, 2013
Alona was surprised when we arrived with all of her wish gifts which included a MacBook Pro with a case to decorate, Microsoft Office to help with school work and a magic mouse.  We also surprised her with Apple TV to use with her new Mac along with clothes in her favorite colors and some arts and crafts for fun.  Alona's birthday party was the next day and we surprised her with a camera for her to capture all the smiles of her family and friends.

Nelly's Wish
October 17, 2013
Nelly was surprised with the help of her mom.   We granted her wish with a laptop, Kindle Fire and accessories.  We also surprised her with clothes toys arts and crafts.  The biggest surprise was saved for last, Disneyland Annual Passes.  Nelly loves Ariel the little mermaid and now she can go see her as often as she wishes.

Melissa's Wish
August 19, 2013
Melissa wished for a room makeover.  We painted her room and Irene Kisakye of KAD Designs painted a mural just for Melissa.  We suprised her with new bedroom furniture and lots of accessories. 
  Thank you Home Depot in Anaheim Hills for donating paint & suppplies.
Thank you Irene Kisayke @ KAD Designs for the creating the mural.
Thank you Bonnie Cummins for donating room rug.
Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped on this wish.

Jacob's Wish
August 14, 2013
Jacob wished for a MacBook Pro to use to keep up on school work and a Smart TV for entertainment. We granted his wish along with Apple TV, Microsoft Office and $200.00 in iTunes so he can download his favorite music and more. 

Dulce's Wish
August 12, 2013
Dulce wished for a Yamaha Guitar and lessons.  We granted her wish with the help of Yamaha Corporation of America.  We also surprised her with a TV, DVD Player, laptop, printer, camera and all the accessories.  Dulce and her family enjoyed her wish with a Secure Transportation limousine ride to lunch at BJ's Restaurant in Cerritos.
  Thank you BJ’s Restaurant in Cerritos for donating lunch for the family.
Thank you Secure Transportation for providing a limousine ride.

Antonio's Wish
June 25, 26-28, 2013
Antonio wished to go to Disneyland since he hadn’t been there since he was 4.  His 16th birthday was on June 25th so we met him at BJ’s Restaurant in Escondido with the help of Jocelyn who made all the arrangements with Mike the manager.  Antonio, his mom, sister and grandma enjoyed appetizers, followed by lunch and the biggest pizookie ever for his birthday.  We then presented Antonio with his wish gifts which included a sweatshirt, t-shirts and hat all from Disneyland and California Adventure.  We then surprised him with 4 tickets to Disneyland and $200.00 gift card for food in the park—we then asked him if he had plans tomorrow because he was going to Disneyland.  We had him and his family meet us at the Disneyland Hotel and then surprised him with 2 nights at the Disneyland Hotel and Hopper tickets for the 2nd day at either park.  We also surprised him with lots of snacks, water and vitamin water and breakfast foods.   
  Thank you BJ’s Restaurant for donating lunch for the family.
Thank you Kayleen & Ryden Enoka donating one day hopper ticket.

Viviana's Wish
June 21, 2013
 Viviana wished for a laptop and iPad to do math and play games.  We granted her wish in the clinic with the help of Ashley and her family.  We surprised her with everything Monster High & Hello Kitty, Cinderella, all in her favorite colors of pink & purple. We also surprised Viviana with Disney Videos, Disney Dresses and clothes, Cinderella Dress, and more Disney goodies. The surprises included a laptop and Microsoft Office Student Edition, Case, along with a printer.  We also surprised her with an iPad 2 and case along with $40 in iTunes, Princess Bedding and pillows, lots of arts and crafts, toys and markers along with some comfortable clothes.
Thank you to Marla Goodwyn for donating the printer.

Alyssa's Wish
June 21, 2013
 Alyssa wished for an iPod Touch, Ugg Boots, Rainbow Sandals, Clothes and MAC makeup.  We granted her wish with a 5th generation iPod in Yellow with a case and iTunes Card.  We also surprised her with new Rainbow Sandals & Black Ugg Boots along with clothes from one of her favorite stores Abercrombie & Fitch.  The biggest surprise was a new iPad and case for her to take pictures and play games. Alyssa  is interested in photography so we surprised her with a new smart camera along with all the accessories. Alyssa loves to take photos and also loves fashion so we tried to get things to help her pursue her interests. 

Dora's Wish
May 30, 2013
 Dora’s only wish was to have her sisters and brother to be with her.  It had been over 6 months since she had seen them as they live in Saipan the Mariana Islands which is a US territory.  This seemed to be an impossible wish since Dora’s sisters, Clarissa 2years old, Geraldine 4 years old and brother Devin 8 years old needed to be accompanied by an adult in order to fly.  The flight was from Saipan to Guam to Honolulu Hawaii to Los Angeles which would take about 24 hours.  Due to the high cost and Dora’s health we worked with the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation and we each made travel arrangements for two.  We asked for miles to be donated which we accepted a donation for one ticket and we purchased Clarissa’s ticket.  They arrived at 5:30 am at LAX.  The family went to pick them up and transport them to San Diego.  We met the family and brought a few gifts for Dora.  We surprised Dora with Hello Kitty Bedding and coloring activities so her siblings could decorate her room.  Lastly we brought her a Hello Kitty Build a Bear fully dressed in everything Hello Kitty along with a small fry Hello Kitty with a dress.  Dora said ’’Thank you very much” .  It made it all worth all the work and planning to see her happy with her family.
Thank you to Marc Beshany for donating 130,000 miles and about $100 in fees to book one flight and his time to book the flight.

Caralina's Wish
May 19, 2013
 Caralina wished for an iPad, laptop to work on math and an iPod Touch.  We granted her wish with all the accessories as well.  We surprised her at the hospital with lots more including a camera, lots of comfortable clothes and lots of arts and crafts. She enjoyed opening all her gifts, loving everything especially the cake pops and was dressed to impress in a pretty dress.  We also surprised her with toys and lots of clothes in her favorite color of yellow.

Annie's Wish
May 17, 2013
Annie wished for an iPad, Wii, Books and Games.  She had also wished to go to LEGOLAND and Universal Studios.  We granted her wish with everything she wished for with a theme of My Little Pony & Littlest Pet Shop.  When we arrived for Annie’s wish surprise she then surprised us with singing a song.  She has a beautiful voice and she enjoyed opening all her wish gifts. 

Catherine's Wish
May 17, 2013
 Catherine wished for an iPad 2, bike and everything Hello Kitty.  We granted her wish along with all the possible accessories, including a camera, arts and crafts, clothes, color books, bedding.  Her wish was made extra special by The Steed Family and Meixner Family with their donations of a Hello Kitty Bike & Helmet and a specially made Hello Kitty Build a Bear just for Catherine.  We also surprised her with lots of Hello Kitty Clothes, hats, jewelry and socks.  Hello Kitty Games, headphones, speaker, towels, DVD’s, markers, crayons, and scrapbooking stuff.  Everything was wrapped in Hello Kitty Bags. She loved opening all her gifts that it took over her mom’s area in the hospital room. 

Rachel's Wish
April 17, 2013
Rachel wished for an iPad, iTunes card to download games and movies and a TV for her room and a new bed.  Rachel was in the hospital so we granted the first part of her wish which included butterfly bedding and all the accessories along with lots of clothes, iPad mini, Xbox system with 6 games & TV.  We granted her wish with all her family and extended family present to help us celebrate her wish.   We wrapped everything in purple her favorite color.   Rachel was very serious but loved her jewelry and was sharing with her sister.   It was tough to get a smile from Rachel.  When she got out of the hospital we surprised her again with Donuts from KD’s donuts and a new Twin Bed with headboard and frame along with pillows.  We put it together in her parents room as they asked.  Rachel loved her new blanket and sheets.

Daniel's Wish
April 7, 2013
Daniel's wish was granted with an XBox 360 Bundle and lots of games.  Then we surprised him with a new TV, Laptop, Printer and lots more.  We were able to surprise Daniel with the help of his family at his favorite restaurant, TGI Fridays.

Jaheim's Wish
March 20 & March 21, 2013
Jaheim wished for an Xbox 360 with games and wishing to go to Disneyland. Jahiem's wish granting party was at Lucky Strike in Orange where we surprised him with his wish gifts including XBox 360, games and TV.  Jaheim's family and friends joined him to bowl and pizza.  The last surprise was tickets to Disneyland for the next day for him and his family.   

Samya's Wish
March 15, 2013
Samya wished for a MacBook Pro and a red bicycle cruiser.  Samya loved all her wish surprises which included everything she wished for along with a new camera and Karaoke Machine with all the accessories. We also surprised her with gift cards to her favorites; Forever 21 and BJ's Restaurant for her to shop while in the hospital.

Vincent 's Wish
March 15, 2013
Vincent wished for a laptop to Skype his mom back in the Phillippines.  We granted his wish along with an iPad, Playstation 3, extra controller and games.  The biggest surprise was a large TV and a Webcam so he can see his mom as if she was in the room with him.  We also surprised him with his favorites for lunch.

Jordan's Wish
March 4, 6, 23, 2013
Jordan wished to go lobster fishing and learn how to prepare it.  We granted his wish with the help of the Gail Force in Long Beach where he went lobster hooping.  They caught 12 large pacific lobsters.  Then Jordan put on his chef hat and prepared a 5 course meal for he and his family with the help of Yves at Yves' Bistro in Anaheim Hills. 
Thank you to Yves Bistro and the Mazakas family for your wish contributions.
Thank you to K-1 Speed of Anaheim for their wish contributions.


Sedona's Wish
February 25-27, 2013
Sedona wished to see monkeys and dolphins.  We granted her wish with a trip to San Diego Zoo, Sea World and Safari Park while staying at the Paradise Point Resort.  We also had lots of surprises which included her favorite princesses Bell & Ariel.   
Thank you to our wish contributors:  San Diego Zoo & Safari Park, Sea World and the help of Paradise Point Resort making Sedona's wish extra special along with the help of Autumn and John Parsons Photography.
Thank you to the supporters of Hugs4Wishes Event which funded this wish.