GRANTS WISHES Inc. A 501C(3) non profit

We grant 2nd wishes to kids who relapse with cancer or endure never ending treatments.

Wishes Granted in 2015
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Michael's Wish

Wished for an Xbox One, lots of games to go with it and 12mo. subscription.  Suprised with a TV and lots of new clothes from Tilly's.  Lunch was a wonderful surprise at BJ's with the help of the entire family.

Travis' Wish

Wished for a MacBook Pro to edit his aerial photography, and drone parts.  It was so early in the morning we surprised him with Donuts.   We granted his wish for the MacBook, external hard drive along with with Final Cut Pro Download Gift Card, and another Gift Card so he could buy the drone parts he needs for his drone. 

Sean's Wish

Sean wished to go to Universal Studios for Grinchmas.  We surprised him with Annual passes for him to visit as often as he wishes.  Surprised with a night at the Universal Sheraton Hotel, lots of gift cards to the restaurants in Universal City Walk.  Sean loved his Grinch suprises to keep warm while at Universal Studios.

Anieya's Wish

Anieya wished to go to Universal Studios to have fun on her birthday.  They were surprised with a night stay at the Sheraton Universal and 2 day tickets and her own Instax camera, film and printer.  We also surprised Anieya with Universal souvenirs and lots of gift cards to use at the Universal City Walk restaurants along with every Pizza Gift Card we could find so she can have pizza and see who makes the best.

Katherine's Wish

Katherine wished for a shopping spree.  The wish day began with a suprise Makeover at Planet Beauty where she was pampered and went home with all her favorite things.  Then it was time to go to Forever 21 where they were expecting Katherine where the Forever 21 staff and visual team created a personal shopping event. There she was surprised by a special guest LaKisha Livingston-Brown of Z by Zevarra which is her favorite designer who helpe her shop for more fun and versatile outfits. Lastly she went to lunch at BJ's with her family and LaKisha. A few months later we got to see Katherine before she went to Prom looking absolutely beautiful.

Thank you to Planet Beauty and Forever 21 Ontario for going above and beyond creating a wonderful wish experience.

Shereen's Wish

Shereen wished for a MacBook Air and shopping spree at Hot Topic.  She was in the hospital so we surprised her with the MacBook Air, printers and accessories.  She enjoys time with her friends to we surprised her with a camera and film.  We shopped for her at Hot Topic and got everything we thought she would like along with accessoreis.  Then we gave her gift cards to do things once she is back home, so she has lots to look forward to.

Sarah's Wish

Sarah wished for Annual Passes for Disneyland so she can go and see all her favorite characters and ride her favorite rides.  Yes, we granted her wish but surprised her first with Disney toys to enjoy at home. Build a Bear was our next stop where she chose the Elsa Bear and we made sure her bear had the complete outfit and bedding.  The Boutique was next with the full princess treatment, nails, hair and outfit and she picked her favorite one an Elsa dress.  Disneyland and Lunch at Ariels Grotto to meet all the princesses was the last surprise.  It was wonderful to see her smile and enjoyed being a princess.

Alexander's Wish

Alexander wished for a trip to Universal Studios to ride the rides. He also wished for a remote control plane so he can fly and control with his iPad along with a collection of super hero comics. We granted his wish with his entire family going to Universal Studios for the day.  We started the day with a suprise breakast where he got to meet his favorite Transformer actor, Shia LaBeouf who made Alexander's wish extra special.  We also surprised him with his favorite snacks including KitKat candy bars and gift cards for restaurants at the Universal City Walk to make sure he won't be hungry.

Nohemy's Wish

Nohemy wished for a queen bed, hot tub and Disneyland trip.  Big wishes so we granted her wish starting with breakfast at Denny's followed by a day at Disneyland.  Then the following day we surprised her at hom with her new Queen Bed with all new tropical bedding and a portable inflatable Spa as she wished.  She was so happy that all of her wishes came true.

Dillan's Wish

Dillan wished for a MacBook Pro and iPhone 6.  We were able to grant his wish with the help of his parents since we can't do anything with contracts.  Dillan loved his small but big gifts.  It was a good day for a surprise.

Michelle's Wish

We granted Michelle's wish early in the morening so we brought donuts to sweeten her up.  Michelle wished for an iPhone 6 and with her parents help we surprised her with the phone.  We also surprised her with a laptop and a big TV.   She was thrilled with her gifts.

Christian's Wish

Christian wished for a room makeover.  We would find the best bed for him, a boat bed with storage and trundle bed for the boy who loves sharks, with shark bedding and Oars for decorations.  We also surprised him with a TV for his room, iPad and Mario Kart Wii for entertainment.  We also found the perfect Mustang Power wheel for Christian to ride and enjoy outside.  He was so excited when he entered his room... he ran back out, then came in dancing and smiling.

Alex's Wish

We granted Alex's wish for a laptop with MS office, PlayStation 4, Go Pro with accessories, Beats headphones and we surprised him with a Patriots Jersey and personalized hat.  He loved everything and was so very appreciative of everything we did.

Abraham's Wish

We suprised Abraham at BJ's Restaurant for lunch where he saw lots of gifts ready to open.  His wish came true with a desktop computer, Monitor, webcam, speakers and headphones.  We also surprised him the a Tracgone and Minutes for his to stay in contact with his siblings.  A 12 month subscription for Xbox Live and lots of Mine Craft LEGO to enjoy playing games.

Aaron's Wish

Aaron wish was granted with a new Bed with all new pillows, sheets, blankets and bedding. We also suprised him with a TV for his room along with the PS4, PS4 games but he loved the LEGO game the best.  He loved the iPod Touch so he can use to facetime or skype his brother.  Lastly we surprised him wht a Nintendo DS so he can travel and have games to play.

Jaileen's Wish
10/2/15 & 1/20/2016

Wished for a MacBook for to help with college school work.  Then we showed up again for a 2nd surprise with tickets to the Lakers, her favorite team that has helped her get through all the treatments while looking forward to watching the Lakers.

Oscar's Wish

Oscar wish came true with a new bike, lock, helmet and tool for seat adjustments.  The biggest surprise was with a TV, PS4 & XBox One gaming systems with games and controllers for him to enjoy and have a good time.  He was so excited he would lift everything up in the air with excitement. 

Argina's Wish
September 26-27, 2015

Argina wished to go to Arizona to see her friend and go to Universal Studios.  Her wish was granted just days before her birthday.  The surprises began at breakfast at the Coffee Co. in Los Angeles after we picked up her friend from LAX who came to be part of Argina's wish.  Then we gave her wish gifts which included gift cards to her favorite restaurants Red Lobster and Outback Steak House so she can go there on her birthday.  Universal studios tickets for the day and Halloween Horror Night was the next part of her wish coming true.  After breakfast we took her to the Sheraton Universal where she had a wonderful room for the night and tickets for the next day and good the the rest of 2015.  The last part of her wish included gift cards to use at the Universal City Walk including Panda Express, Subway, Jamba Juice, Starbucks and Buca di Bepo.  Fun for the day and lots more days. 

Jonathan's Wish
September 23, 2015

Jonathan's wish came true with his family at Pancho Villa's for dinner.   The biggest surprise was a 40" Sansung Smart 4K TV so he can enjoy time with his family.  Fishing Pole and supplies bring big smiles to Jonathan as his wish continues to come true. We also surprised him with an iPod to listen to his favorite music and SOL Republic headphones.  Since the TV is so smart we surprised him with Playstation Gift Card to play online. 

Rachel's Wish 
September 16 & 29, 2015

Rachel wished for a shopping spree for clothes & makeup.  Her wish was granted with shopping at her favorite stores including Forever 21, Wet SEal, Urban Outfitters, and Sephora.  Then we went to lunch at BJ's Restaurant and we surprised her with a new MacBook Air for her to do her school work on.  Happy Tears showed she absolutely loved her wish. 

Jeniffer's Wish
September 15 2015

Jeniffer wished to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios and Knotts with her family. We started her wish with breakfast at Mimi's Cafe for breakfast.  Then we granted her wish with tickets to Disneyland for 2 days, Knotts and Universal Studios with parking passes. She loved being surprised her with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that she also wished for and wanted to help her in college.  We thought she could use a printer and 32GB USB to go with her new computer.  

Merak's Wish
September 11, 2015

Merak wished for a shopping Spree.  

Nadia's Wish
August 4, 2015

Nadia wished to sleep at the San Diego Zoo.  She was in the hospital on her birthday so we surprised her with lots to look forward to doing when she's home.   We surprised her with 5 sets of Minecraft Lego's and and EZ Bake Oven to keep busy while in the hospital Building and Baking everything from cakes, cookies to brownies with lots to decorate with.  The biggest surprise was with new Red Panda's for the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park Annual Membership for her and her family.  Nadia's wish came tru with a gift card for the San Diego Zoo for her and one of her parents to go with her to The Roar N Snore Sleepover along with early tours and an Instax instant Camera so she can take photos of all the animals.
Wish Sponsored by:
Bomel Construction Company 
Roger & Laurie Williams 
Lois & Gary Wright 
Martin & Carrie Splinter

Ryan's Wish
August 4, 2015

Ryan's wish came true with his first time outting following transplant to the Claim Jumper his favorite restaurant.  His wish came true for Dr. Dre Beats, Playstation 4 with Arkham Knights season pass, extra blue controller, Spiderman and Lego Batman games.  We saved the best for last with 5 Universal Studios Season Pass with a preferred parking and 5 Disneyland Tickets for more days of fun as he continues to get stronger and the weather improves.
Wish Sponsored by:
Joe Merritt's 2015 Summer Event

Alfredo's "Freddy" Wish
July2, 2015

Freddy wished for a iMac and PS4 Batman Edition.  We started with surprising him at The Habit Burger Grill for dinner with his family.  Then we granted his wish along with more games and blue contrller for double the fun.  It was a very special day as his sister asked him to be her son's godfather.  A wonderful moment for everyone.
Wish Sponsored by:
Michele & Eric Adair, Michelle & Mark Haas, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Andreade, Navigator Business Solutions- Jeanne & Tom Hardesty, Nolan's Equipment Rental, Sheri & Charles Christiansen, Traci & Chris Strale, Uptown Cheapskate-JoAnn Winter, Michael & Kara Williams, Sabine Blanchard, Shelly Shuff.

Marco's Wish
July 1, 2015

Marcos had big wishes to see all his favorite teams play.  We surprised him at Lazy Dog Cafe with the help of his family.  First we surprised him with tickets and Jersey to see his favorite soccer team Barcelona FC vs. Galaxy game on 7/21/15.  Tickets on 9/30 to watch Oakland A's play the Angels along with Oakland A's shirt and hat. We also surprised Marcos with tickets to 2 other Angels games with give aways on 8/21 and 9/11.  We saved the best for last, Tickets for that nights game New York Yankees vs. Angels in the City of Anaheim Suite.   It was tough for Marcos to decide which team to root for but wore his new Trout Angels jersey.   Angels Chairman  Dennis Kuhl and Molly Jolly SRVP of Finance stopped by with an autographed Garrett Richards Ball.  This wish was over the top with a wonderful view from behind home plate and enjoyed hotdogs, popcorn, pizza, sodas, and ice cream. 
Wish Sponsored by:
Cummins Family for A's Tickets Donation
City of Anaheim Angels Suite Donation
Lazy Dog Cafe Lunch Sponsor
Julie & Tom Tait,  Donna Stiles Friends and Family, Sharon & Steve, Nakase, Judi Sepulveda, Dr. Kaitlyn Nguyen, Jordan's Friends, Paula McGehee

Parker's Wish
June 26, 2015

Parker loves his camera and so we surprised him with new Nikon 55-300MM lens and every possible accessory that a photographer would need inlcuding tripod, SD card, filters, battery, cleaning cloth and backpack case.  His wish for a PS4 System with Minecraft game and blue controller to have fun also came true along with a Traxxas Car.  We surprised him at Macaroni Grill with all his family there to enjoy Parker's wish coming true.
Wish Sponsored by:
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Drysch
Marc Beshany

Gabriela's Wish
April 16, 2015

Gaby wished for a shopping spree and to eat ice cream at Farrell's.  She wasn't up for going out so we brought everything to her including clothes, shoes, bedding and room decorations, towels, lotion and accessories.  The wonderful people at Farrell's Ice Cream in Buena Park and Brea brought their ice cream zoo to Gaby and her family.
Thank you to The Flemming Family and Farrell's Ice Cream for making Gaby's wish come true.

Kevinesha's Wish
April 1, 2015

Kevinesha wished for Dre headphones along with new clothes that fit.  We surprised her with lots of clothes, Victoria Secret goods, and Bath & Body Works lotions just as she wished.  She loved everything wrapped in her favorite color of pink.

Wish Sponsored by:
Joseph Fetters 

Ireland's Wish 
March 16, 2015

Ireland wish came true fo a trip to Disneyland to see the Princesses.  We booked them into the Disneyland Hotel with 3 day passes to Disneyland and California Adventure.  Mom made an event of it and had 18 friends and family join them to celebrate St Patricks day with Ireland.  We also surprised her with lots fo Disney toys, games, clothes and a life size Minny Mouse. 
Wish Sponsored by:
David & Jill Kistner
Vicki Shepard

Gavin's Wish
March 13, 2015   &   July 1, 2015

Gavin's wish came true with a MacBook Air to she can Skype and FaceTime with his class and do homework.  He also wished for Lego's since he loves to build the hard ones with lots of pieces.  Gavin loves the Angels and so they gave him lots of Angel's goodies to add to his wish.    Three months later we surprised Gavin and his family with a trip to see the Angels play NY in the City of Anaheim Suite, thanks to Mayor Tom Tait and his family.  We then surprised him with a Trout Jersey and Trout Hat. Thank you to the Angels and the Angels chairman Dennis Kuhl and Molly Jolly stopped by with an autographed Garrett Richards Ball just for Gavin, making his wish extra special.  
Wish Sponsored by:
Deborah & Wally Hicks
Julie & Tom Tait
City of Anaheim Suite Donation

Tiffany's Wish
February 24, 2015

Tiffany wish came true for a shopping spree for new clothes that fit and a makeover at Sephora.  Followed by a wonderful lunch was provide by Red Lobster.  Lastly she was surprised with gift cards to come back and shop some more.
Wish Sponsored by:
Kylie's 21st Friends and Family 
Mary & Dan Wixted
Nancy Tober
Shelf Master

Jocelyn's Wish
February 24, 2015

Jocelyn's wish came true with exactly what she wished for, a laptop with a touch screen for her to continue her studies in college while having to be in the hospital.  We also surprised her with a new printer, ink, paper, flash drive, sleeve and fan to give her everything she would need to go with her new laptop.
Wish Sponsored By:
Alyssa Erspamer, Bill & Barbara McGuire, Carol & Dennis VandeMortel, Cheryl Roberts, David & Gail Hubbard, Debbie Biebelberg, Deborah & Mark Thompson, Dennis & Linda Bird, Diane & Scott Quinlan, Donna Sullivan, Eric Farr, Geln & Donna Howard, Janet Lara, JoAnn & Tom Winter, Judy & Gary Peinovich, Karen & Jeff Carlson, Laurie & Jeff Hansen, Mary Ellen & Rich Pontius, Matthew Brondos, Michele & Eric Adair. 

Isaac's Wish 
February 24, 2015

Isaac's wish came true with a MacBook Pro and MS Office to help him with his school work.  The biggest surprise was his favorite celebrity Michael Carbonaro from the Carbonaro Effect facetimed him and shared some of his magic tricks for about 30 minutes.  

Thank you Michael Carbonaro for making Isaac's wish extra special!

This wish sponsored by The Lions Club of Orange